Holidays are one of life’s pleasures. They offer a break from your normal routine and a chance to spend quality time with the important people in your life, doing the things you love.

Even getting away for a weekend can make a huge difference to your physical and mental wellbeing. It doesn’t matter what you do with your break – for some, it’s about being active and exploring new places, while for others the best holiday is filled with nothing to do – the most important thing is that you have one!

A holiday abroad is, for most of us, a rare event. Owning a holiday home gives you the option to take a break whenever you fancy it. Staycations have soared in popularity over the last few years, and for good reason, as they allow you to take a break at the drop of a hat. If your home is on a holiday park within a reasonable distance of where you live, just bob over for a weekend when the weather forecast looks promising or for a special family occasion. But this isn’t the only benefit.

Here are all the reasons why owning a holiday home is a good idea.


Quality family time

We all yearn for more quality time with the people we love, and owning a holiday home can be a great way of getting the family together on a regular basis. When you have your own caravan or lodge on a holiday park, it’s a great excuse to invite people over. Many holiday parks are geared towards families, with play parks and a safe environment with other like-minded people. And if the holiday park runs family-friendly events such as children’s seasonal activities, barbecues and summer games, even better!

Less travelling, more holiday

Getting to your holiday in the UK can take much less time, effort and money than travelling abroad. And that means there’s more time to relax!

Home from home

When you own a holiday home, the stress of packing for a break is a thing of the past. Many holiday home owners keep their caravan or lodge stocked and ready to be used. From meals in the freezer to your own bedding and towels, everything in your holiday home is just as it would be at home. This makes for a living space that you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed in straight away, meaning you can start enjoying your holiday the moment you arrive.

Familiar location and amenities

When you visit a new destination on holiday, it takes a while to find activities and amenities that suit you. Sometimes it feels like you’ve only just discovered a hidden gem of a restaurant when it’s nearly time to leave! With a holiday home that you visit time and again, you’ll soon get to know the community both on and around the park. You’ll discover the best places to eat, drink and be entertained. And you can make sure you work your way through the area’s best activities and destinations, revisiting your favourites as often as you wish.

Like-minded community

Owning a caravan or lodge on a holiday park means you’ll be a part of a like-minded community of holiday home owners. While being respectful of everyone’s need for privacy, your neighbours on the park will also be welcoming and friendly. Some caravan and lodge owners build strong and lasting friendships with other owners on their park. There can be some brilliant on-site activities and events throughout the year that everyone can enjoy together. And if you have children visiting, there are always playmates for them to hang out with!

Value for money

A holiday home can be a worthwhile investment if you are planning to use it often. Choose a caravan or lodge in a place you love and visit regularly, and it could pay for itself within a few years. When compared to the cost of an infrequent but expensive holiday abroad, a holiday lodge or caravan offers countless holidays or mini breaks at an affordable price.

If you are considering whether it’s a good idea to own a holiday home, why not take a look at our holiday caravans and lodges? Nestled in the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside, our parks are ideally located for all kinds of holiday, from exploration to relaxation. Find out why our homeowners love our holiday parks here.

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